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Dumitrescu Marian - Network and systems administrator


Automation Engineer - Hyperion University (Faculty of Automation, Electronics and Applied Informatics)

License theme: Implementing and Maintaining a WEB Controlled Application for Remote/Local Access - jun.2014

Master in Commercial Affaires Administration at Academy of Economic Studies (Faculty of Commerce)

Disertation theme: European Union - Policies and Instruments to support SME sector case study: SAP Implementation - feb.2009

Mechanical Engineer - Polytechnic University of Bucharest (Faculty of Mechanic Engineering)

License theme: Electronic measured parameters of internal combustion engines - jun.1998

Specialization in Design and construction of internal combustion engines, heat pumps/airconditioning, thermodynamics, gas/steam turbines, compressors


Microsoft Official Courses (M.O.C.) Microsoft Security Clinic, 2072, 2277, 2276, 2285, 2152

CCNA - Network Fundamentals

Conferences and seminars:

DEFCAMP#6 – Bucharest : Hacking and Security Colide 19-20.XI.2015

DEFCAMP – Bucharest : Hacking and Security Colide 29-30.XI.2013

Provision DAYS – Bucharest ( Willbrook Platinum ) Who’s NEXT? 03.X.2013

Oracle - Crowne Plaza: Development prospects for your business over the next 3 years - 21 june 2006

IBM - Marriott: Abas ERP - Complete solution for productions envinronments - 7 june 2006

DELL Tour Tech - ROMEXPO - 24 mai 2006

IDC Storage Road show - Marriott - 9 mai 2006

Microsoft Dynamics - Crowne Plaza - 1 april 2006

Una dintre personalităţile marcante ale institutului a fost

Prof. Dr. Doc. Alexandru Trestioreanu,  medic de renume naţional şi internaţional,

care a desfăşurat în cadrul Institutului Oncologic Bucureşti

o prodigioasă activitate în  slujba pacientului, formânnumeroşi specialişti în domeniu.